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  1. ELSA ONETO CABRERA5 de febrero de 2016, 20:22

    What did you do last Sunday?
    Last Sunday I ate pancakes with strawberry for breakfast MMM...It very delicious. After I got dressed with sport were and I went to rode my bike with my parents. After I ate chicken with bechamel in the Nono´s Bar.
    In the afternoon I saw the TV for 1H and then I played Wii with my parents, was a very funny time. After I had a shower. While I ate my dinner , saw the Carnaval and then I went to bed .

  2. Miguel Angel García Martín6 de febrero de 2016, 13:31

    :DDDDDDDDD goooooooood

  3. Irene Jiménez Cosa6 de febrero de 2016, 19:09

    Sunday I woke up and went to the kitchen for breakfast .After went for a walk . When I get it was time to eat, ate macaroni, when finished eating I played around with Maria , daughter of the bride of my padre.A seven my father took me with my brother to see my mother .At get as first that I did was take the clothes and take a shower , later dinner and went to bed.

  4. MANUEL JESÚS MARTÍN GUTIÉRREZ ( LOLO )7 de febrero de 2016, 10:12

    The last Sunday I waked up at therty past eleven and I had breakfast at quarter to twelwe. Then I had a shower and went to ride a bike with my mother to the shop of my father for helped he because he was with headache.

    When he closed the shop we went to the house of my grandma for brought she to our house. When we arrived and ate I began to feel headache and I slept. Later I waked up for watch the match of the Real Madrid.

  5. Elena Marroco Betanzos8 de febrero de 2016, 12:40

    Last Sunday i played a match of handball and they came to see me my uncle and cousin.
    Later we went to eating the food market, when finishing we went see shops, we lunch and we went to see the
    And we went to home to sleeping.

  6. The last Sunday I went to carousel the chorus at the half past tow. I was in square Las Flores. I saw a teacher Diego in the chorus the Manuel Guimera, Jose Olivera Castillo, David Cornejo Prada and uncle my friend Juan, Jesús Bernal Benitez.
    After I watched a Real Madrid VS Granada the real Madrid is winner why great goal for Luka Modric. Today go cicling at half past one.
    Good bye Diego.

  7. Alonso Cruceira Fernández de Arjona8 de febrero de 2016, 18:26

    The last weekend,I bought a shoes, I found a toy, I built a Lego set, I broke a bowl, I ate a sandwich.

    I told a story, I ran on the park Genovés, I was on the street, I did crafts and I wrote a letter.

  8. francisco José Benitéz Pérez8 de febrero de 2016, 20:34

    The Saturday, I was with my chirigota. We met at one o´clock, for sang in the strests. First we went to the “Mentidero” for participate in a competition. After we went to strert “Ancha” with the author of carnaval (Silva). By last we went to sang in the street “Cruz Verde”.
    The Sunday, I went to the “cabalgata” of carnaval of Cádiz 2016, with my chirigota. We met again at one o´clock, for sang in the streets. When we sang, we went to the “cabalgata”. After we went to the group to sang. In the group also sang “oju que polvorón”.

  9. Natalia Fernández Cervantes8 de febrero de 2016, 21:17

    The last Sunday I woke up at 10:30 a.m and I ate my breakfast while I watched videos on YouTube. Then I played Just Dance and I read a book. Later I ate with my mother and my brother. In the afternoon I kept reading a book. At 4:00 p.m I get dressed and after I went out with my family to seen the Carneval Parade. At night we went back home.

  10. He came at nine o'clock.
    They cut a chicken.
    She paid a hospital.
    He broke a table.
    He chose a red jacket.
    He built a home.


    This is a portrait by Diego Velazquez.
    In the background we can see a montain.
    In the foreground we can see a horse and a children.
    I like the painting.

  12. I choose a painting called “ The Shout” by Edvard Munch. In the background we can see the sea and two persons too. In the foreground we can see a man with the mouse open and his hands put around his mouse.He looks like is shouting. This painting is
    Of Norway. In my opinion the message is “ Oh the sea is drying!!!!”
    This is my work about “The Shout”.

  13. Elena Marroco Betanzos23 de febrero de 2016, 16:10

    This is a portrait by Pablo Picasso
    In the backgraund we can sea woman
    In the foreground we can see landscape
    I like the painting

  14. Title: La Mona Lisa By: Leonardo Da Vinci
    This portrait is very know in the wordl
    In the foregraund there is a very old woman
    In the backgraund there is a old landscape
    I like this portrait

  15. Title: El grito By: Edvard Munch
    This portrait is very know in the wordl
    In the foregraund there is a men
    In the backgraund there is a bridge and landscape
    I like the portrait

  16. Alonso Cruceira Fernández de Arjona23 de febrero de 2016, 16:53

    This is a portrait by Diego Velázquez. In the background we can see a big room with more portraits, in the foreground we can see girls, two mans, one woman and one dog. His name is "Las Meninas" and I like the paintig.

  17. Title:El príncipe Baltasar Carlos a caballo.

    This is a portrait by Diego Velázquez.
    In the background we can see mountains and the sea.
    In the foreground we can see the prince Baltasar Carlos on Horseback
    I don´t like the portrait


    This is a portrait by Sofonisba Aguissola.
    In the background we can see a brown chair.
    In the foreground we can see Felipe II
    I like the painting.

  19. Ainhoa Baliño Jiménez23 de febrero de 2016, 19:34

    Title:Las Meninas
    This is a portrait by Diego Velásquez
    In the background we can see a man on the stairs.
    In the foreground we can see a girl wearing a long dress and white
    I like the painting

  20. Irene Jiménez Cosa23 de febrero de 2016, 19:41

    Juaquin Serolla y Bastida

    This is portrait by Juaquin Serolla y Bastida .
    In the background we can see brown table.
    In the forenground we can see Juaquin Serolla y Bastida.
    I like the painting.

  21. Miguel Tizón Botubot23 de febrero de 2016, 20:12

    Title:Felipe IV a caballo
    This portrait is Velásquez
    He get a man on horseback
    It has the left is a tree
    There is a landscape behind
    The sky is blue

  22. This portrait called Doronina Tatiana and is by Doronina Tatiana. In the background we can see a flowers with grapes and in the foreground we can see a woman with grapes in her hands.
    I think the message is.The fruit is very good for health.


  24. Ander Lacalle Arias23 de febrero de 2016, 21:21

    Title :Cervantes
    This is a portrait by Cervantes.
    This hasn't background.
    In the foreground we can see Cervantes
    I like portrait

  25. This self-portrait is called "Self-portrait with Monkeys" (in English) by Frida Khalo.
    In the background we can see monkeys and a lots of plants.
    In the foreground we can see Frida Khalo.
    I like the painting.

  26. francisco José Benitéz Pérez23 de febrero de 2016, 22:35


    This is a portrait by Jacqueline.
    In the background we can see a flowers. Pablo Picaso
    In the foreground we can see wife of the Pablo Picaso

  27. Alberto carcaboso aguilar23 de febrero de 2016, 23:01

    By Vincent Van Gogh, the self-portrait we can see the fund is white. You can see a Van Gogh with a straw hat. I like because is very simple and very nice.

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  29. The last friday on evening I went to Chiclana with my cousins because I wonted sleep with them. We played with her puppets (Lolo and Lola )It’s so cute! After we went to a forest more big and beautiful .Then, we went to the house and had the dinner (Burger).We watched TV and played with Lolo and Lola again. We spent a very funny night.
    The saturday morning we gave the breakfast to Lolo and Lola, and then , we had the breakfast. My auntie maked the manicure .After we had the lunch ( pasta with tomato) . Then , we went to the forest ,but at the six o’clock, I went to my home and then , I went to my grandparents house’s. I sleeped there :D. When I woke up , I come back to my home.
    In this moment I’m doing my homework and I will stay all the day at home.

  30. Natalia Fernández3 de abril de 2016, 17:04

    Saturday morning I did my homework and later I went to my grandmother's house. There I ate with my family. Then I came back to my house and I read a bit, and I navigated on the internet. At night I ate my dinner and we watched a film about a catastrophe in the fjords of Norway.
    Today morning I woke up and I watched some videos on YouTube while I ate toasts. Later I finished all my homework and I ate with my family. Now I'm finishing my English homework, and this night I'll see with my family another film about journalism.

  31. At the weekend

    On the saturday I went to auntie's house with my grandmother,
    my cousins and my aunts and uncles. After we went to supermarket for
    buy food: fruits, meat... In the night we slept for woken up the sunday.

    On the sunday I went to countryside with the friends of my sister and
    hers parent. After I arrived to my house and I prepared for sleep because
    had school.

  32. Irene Jimenez Cosa3 de abril de 2016, 19:58

    Saturday morning I went to scout and later I went to my house with my mother and Arturo. That day lunch chicken and chips. At half past four I went to Corte Ingles , when I arrived to my house I did my homework. Sunday morning I finish my homework and watched some videos on youtube.I ate meat and chips.At three o clock watched DVD and I did homework the english .

  33. Elena Marroco Betanzos3 de abril de 2016, 20:13

    My weekend.
    On the Saturday: in the morning I was doing homework and went for a walk with my cousins and my uncles, 15:00 PM went a home to eat.
    When I fisnish to eat I watched a movie with my mum and then I went for a ride a with the bike.
    20:30 PM my cousin, my dad and I we went to a bar to watch a football, the end the match we went pizza dinner.
    On the Sunday : in the morning I was at home watching the movie TURBO and I studied. Went to eat to a bar, gave we walked by the Caleta and we collected a my grandparents to go home the my cousins, I was playing football, to the tablet and listening to music and we came to my home to shower, dinner and to sleep.

  34. The last weekend:
    On the friday at night: on the friday at night i go toextremadura, the travel is a longest.On the friday at night i have a dinner corn pancake potatos.
    On the saturday in the morning i breackfast have toast and milk, after i go to shooping with my father. In the afternoon i have lunch pisto and sausages. At night i go to bar becose was see playing Barça - Real Madrid, the Real Madrid is winner the result is a 1-2 the referee is a very mean.At night i have a dinner fish and croquette. On the sunday in the morning i have breackfast toast and milk. In the afternoon i have a lunch pizza,after i go to Cádiz in the travel.

  35. Lucía Lojo Sevilla3 de abril de 2016, 22:30


    Since every Saturday I went to the scouts. Later,my father, my sister and me went to have a lunch.Chinese food,I don´t like.We went of my grandmother´s house to see her, there we meet my uncles.We can back home , i did task, had dinner, saw a chapterof my favorite series and went to bed.


    In the morning my father,my sister and me,we went to a Salón Manga in Jerez de la frontera; we come to Puerto Real and we did a stop to have a snack, we were to Cádiz and I finished this work